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Thursday Women's League

Monday/Wednesday league updates:

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League will stay handicap, using data from the prior year(s) to set minimium averages
Depending on league turn out, will have less divisions with more teams
8 ball breaks will count
Weekly fee per player went up to $8 per player, this will go towards bigger outs
Any bar with WAMO sanctioned tables can be a part of the Waukesha City league

League start dates 9/9/19 for Monday and 9/11/19 for Wednesday
Tentative City Tournament dates 4/1/20 through 4/5/20, depending on league turn out
Begining of the year meeting 9/4/19 at 7:30pm in Sporties


Please contact Chad Pedek of the WPBA at 262 894-1231 and Jennifer Pedek of the WWPBA at 414 899-7453 for further information.