Waukesha Pocket Billiard Association


Waukesha Womens Pocket Billiard Association

Co-ed League’s are available Monday and Wednesday with a start time of 7pm, which is known also as The WPBA.  A Woman only League's are available on Thursday with a start time of 7pm, which is also known as The WWPBA.

New teams are always welcome to join the league!!! Sign up for league play at a local Waukesha area tavern, that agrees to sponsor your team, or download a form from the website, under the Standings tab.

Both the WPBA and WWPBA are traveling leagues and teams can expect to play approximately half of their matches at their home tavern and half at opposing team taverns. A team needs a minimum of 4 players to qualify for a league match with a max of 7 players allowed on the roster. A league match is a total of 16 games broken down into 4 rounds of 4 games. Each player shoots one game per round against a different opponent each round. League play runs from September through March culminating in a City wide tournament, for each League, during April to determine Champions in multiple Classes. These Classes are based on league performance during the year.

THIS YEAR FOR THE WPBA LEAGUE– Based on league interest and subject to change, one league division from Monday and Wednesday will be sanctioned WSPA, ACS, and BCA with all divisions sanctioned WAMO.

THIS YEAR FOR THE WWPBA LEAGUE - Based on league interest and subject to change, the entire Women’s only League will be sanctioned WAMO, WSPA, ACS, and BCA.

Benefits to sanctioning are league members become eligible for State, Regional, and National pool tournaments based on player’s requirements being met throughout the league season. Extra one time fees, which are the responsibility of the player to pay, are required for each sanction.

Please contact Chad Pedek of the WPBA at 262 894-1231 and Jennifer Pedek of the WWPBA at 414 899-7453 for further information.


City Tournament results 2016-2017 for Waukesha Pocket Billiard Association

Flanagan's AIT - 1st place Class A

As pictured - Kyle Boers (not on the team), Victor Martinez, Jim Gessay, Tyler Styer, Bonnie Hunkins, Andy Friberg, Paul Scott (not on the team), and Rico Torres; in addition to Grey Siech who is not pictured

Flanagan's Diamond Cutters - 1st place Class B

As pictured - Mario Madrid, Jennifer Michalski, Keith Hunkins, Bonnie Hunkins, and Shelley Rohrer; in addition to Sally Steinbach who is not pictured

Sporties Crooked Sticks- 1st place Class C

As pictured - Jeff Adams, Lee Suwalski, Randy Fenner, and Dave Stienke; in addition to Joe Braund and Mike McCaffery who are not pictured

City Tournament results 2016-2017 for Waukesha Womens Pocket Billiard Association

Sporties C U Next Thursday- 1st place Class A

As pictured  - Sally Steinbach, Sue Hensel, Tanya Gearhart, Carmen Broncatti, and Barb Arndt; in addition to Angie Hannes and Christine Holl who are not pictured

Foxy Ball Breakers - 1st place Class B

As pictured - Nancy Codere, Theresa Tanner, Penny Gonzales, and Annie Cotton (community sub); in addition to Theresa Beilfuss and Angela Palesse who are not pictured


The WPBA was founded in 1969 by local Waukesha Pool enthusiasts. In 1978 the WWPBA was formed to offer a Women’s only option.

If you have more history on the league’s that you would like to see listed here, please let us know!